Start Make Money Online Journey With Sanjeev Mishra

Hello my friend.

I’m Sanjeev Mishra and you are here on this page, so I would like to congratulate you for taking this step. It requires a brave heart and passionate mind to start such a journey. So, you are awesome.

Apart from being an Internet Marketer, I am passionate about online businesses and discussing new ideas. My online business journey started in 2008 and by now, I have already created 3 successful online businesses of my own and made six figure income from those. In my businesses, I was accountable for product designing and marketing. As well as, I was deeply involved in customer engagement and feedback. After spending 6 years on these businesses, I totally understood the online market and customer or buyer’s emotions. That’s when I decided to use the learning in making more money online.

In 2014, I started leveraging the same marketing techniques in Affiliate Industry. Within 9 months, I started making four figure monthly income from Affiliate Marketing.

It was easy for me to grab that market because of my earlier experience of selling own products. But again, I learnt lot many new things and made few mistakes in the process too. I understood that even if you shift your industry or market by just a small margin, you need to learn a lot many new things.

Till 2016 end, I was promoting affiliate products as well as selling my own products. The income was good but then I wanted to go to the next level. That’s where I decided to promote MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) products and started working closely with these type of products. A good MLM products with High Ticket Commission can be a game changer and that’s what I learnt in 3 – 4 months after spending with a good MLM company. My monthly income from Internet Marketing crossed five figure in just 6 months and is growing rapidly. I’m glad that I took the decision to go to the next level.

Such a huge income gave me a new house, own car and the most important, a financial freedom.

Peace of mind comes with financial freedom and stress-free life.

My style of working was always remote as my company was already running on distributed model. Most of my employees were working from their place, so I knew about the freedom that you get in remote working model. With Internet Marketing and the kind of business model I developed later, it gave me more freedom and time.

Now I just spend 4 – 6 hours a day on my sites and can work from anywhere in the world.

It Was Not Always Like That

The financial freedom and time freedom are inversely proportional for most of the people around me. I’m from a middle class brahmin family in India where you are tweaked in such a way that your life’s goal is to get a good job, get married, have kids, work till 60 and retire.

After completing my engineering in 2005, I started working in a multi-national company located in Hyderabad, India. In 2006, the company relocated me to Pune and I was very happy as I had already spend 4 years of my college life in Pune only. The job was good and so was the salary, but even at the time of joining, it was very clear in my head that someday I have to start something of my own. I got married in early 2008 to my girlfriend and everything was going smooth except my inner conflict between the current job and starting own business.

Finally by end of 2008, myself and my wife decided that I should quit and focus on building the business. I really appreciate her support and strength that she always shows. She supported both of us from her job until the business grew. I was always inclined towards online businesses but knew very little about website building and making money online. After spending 2 months on the learning part, I started my first website. Within 7 months, the online business started generating sustainable revenue and that’s when she also decided to quit the job and join the business. Well, after her joining the company full-time, the business grew by 3 times in next 9 months and since then it becomes business as usual for us.

Now she runs the product development and support side of our online businesses and I still take care of the marketing and product design. Well, now we have a team to look after most of the things.

As my Internet Marketing and product business, both are remotely done, we get good amount of time to spend together. She always says,

Everyday seems like a holiday so there is no need to take a vacation.

After spending almost 9 years in Online Business and reaching such a financially free life, I decided to leverage the knowledge and information that I have and share that with others. I want you to grow a similar business model and live a free life. The idea is not to brag about myself but to inspire you to take action. Get out of the fear of starting a new thing as with this single step, your journey towards making real money online may start.

With strategic sessions and deep masterminds, I can help you build your own online business and create similar income source of your own. You can have similar financial freedom and believe me, you will love that.

What Is Next?

I am a big believer in taking action before it’s too late. To start with your online business, schedule a strategic session with me and let’s discuss whatever is in your mind. I can assure you that you will feel more energized and on-track to start the business and income stream.

Before scheduling the session, I would recommend to have following things ready:

  • Skype ID as we will communicate through Skype
  • Availability and commitment of 2 – 3 hours a week for Online Business work
  • A lot of enthusiasm and passion for this new journey
  • Optional – Have a set budget in your mind to start this business. This budget shows your seriousness about the business. I value time a lot and this is an important thing that I have learnt. If you value time, it gives back the same. So, please schedule the meeting only if you are serious about making money online.

Looking forward to talk to you soon.

So, are you serious about making money online?

I assume yes, only if you take action

Connect with me and start this new journey. Here is how it unfolds.

  • We will discuss about your current business or if you are already doing any online business
  • Strategic Approach to Setup your Online Business Platform that converts
  • Building Sales Funnel to Present an Offer
  • Traffic Source Building Techniques
  • Lead Management to Make Active and Passive Income
  • Access to My Inner Circle Community

Make Money Online with Sanjeev
  • One on one coaching
  • Practical Implementation
  • Make Money Machine
  • Communication and Engagement
  • Worth Time and Money


Schedule a strategic session to learn about making money online.