You must be wondering that why there isn’t any switch to generate leads instantly? Well, there is a switch which is a called the solo ads. Yes, you heard it right, it is really easy to get leads from solo ads.

If we consider the scenario of solo ads 2018, then there are good chances. Solo ads work in many conditions and you can get leads in 2018 through solo ads.

The only concern here remains is the legitimacy of these ads. It is really vital to have an authentic source of collecting email list. Instead of buying an email list, it is better to find someone who already has a list which matches your audience requirement.

It takes a lot of efforts to build your own email list, so if you are getting a legit list then you just have to shoot a nice mail and your job is done. So how can you get leads from solo ads is explained in this blog.

1. Find the influential marketer

This is your first task to find the legit person. There are a lot of people in the market who sell fake solo ads. SO make sure you are not falling for that. Find that influential person who has the list of emails that matches your requirement.

For instance, if you are into the food industry and you connect with a famous food blogger, then there are high chances that he or she must be having a good list of the audience to which you can send emails related to your brand.

2. Establish contact

Once you find out who is that person who can be useful to you in sending bulk emails to your type of audience, try to connect with him or her. You have to be very constructive here. If that influencer is having a list of 30,000 emails, and if at least 30% opens up the email, then the calculation goes like 10,000 people will open your email, which is really huge.

so once you find out that person, contact him or her and tell her the whole scenario as to why do you need to send emails to those lists.

3. Write good email

solo adsSolo ads are responsible for driving highly effective targeted traffic of the audience towards your website or the landing page that you have created. So now that you have found your list of the audience, it is time to draft a really good email.

Make sure that you are mentioning all the details of your product but don’t forget to keep it natural. Also, do not directly market your product. Keep it indirect. Add a call-to-action button so that those who wish to click they do that.

While you are writing the email, you have to put a strong subject line so that it will intrigue people to open the email. It should attract the attention of the user. So make sure that the subject line is catchy.

If your subject line is just regular then no one will even bother to open and read the email and getting clicks will only be a dream. The email body should be short and easy to read. You should write straight to the point instead of lingering around. Do not incorporate things which do not hold any meaning. make sure that you are not including those typical sales pitches here, so write what the people would love to read.

Your email should be capable of providing solutions to the problems of those readers. So make sure that you are writing it from their perspective.

4. The marketer is recommending it

You are marketing your product through the solo ad, but the audience who is receiving the emails do not know about it. They are of the opinion that the influential person who always sends them mail has sent it. So the email should sound like that the marketer is recommending the audience to purchase the product. That person will act as an influencer to the list of the audience.

Steps to follow to send out a solo ad:

  • Create an effective and eye-catching squeeze page to capture email IDs
  • Make sure that you are developing a sales copy that will be included in the email.
  • Search for a bloggers, marketers who has a large list of naturally build subscribers related to your niche.
  • It’s time to set up a tracking system.
  • Link has to be shortened with the help of URL shortener like and so that it won’t remain too long.
  • Book the entire mailing list with the influencer.
  • Once the ad is out, pay for it.

The purpose of the solo ads is to generate leads only. And of course, you will need subscribers with whom you would want to follow up in the future.

So you must have a page through which you can capture the email ids of those subscribers so that your list will be built for the future reference. if you want them to give you their email ids then you should make them an offer that cannot refuse.

You need to find those influencers from whom you can get to run the solo ads. And for that, you have to do an extensive research and find out the vendors.

Once you find them you must talk out everything and clear all the terms regarding running the solo ads.


The math here is really simple. If you are getting a legit solo ads vendor then you will get instant leads. So make sure that you are carrying out a good amount of research before arriving at any decision. Running solo ads is undoubtedly an extraordinary online marketing technique because you get an access to a list which is huge and that too without taking any efforts.

Your offerings are seen by a wider chunk of the audience so, of course, there is a higher chance of increasing conversions. You will get a lot of leads from these solo ads and after that, it is the duty of your sales team to nurture those leads and convert them to your customer. So now that you are all prepared for how your solo ad will perform, just focus and find the right vendor and your job will be done!

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