A one day conference Powered by CMS took place on March 23, 2018 at the MCCIA, S.B. Road in Pune, India. The event was co-organized by AmiWorks and HasGeek. Well, I knew the organizers really well and was excited to attend the event.

The single track event for CMS users was centered around the practice of Content Management Systems. There were 12 speakers who gave their inputs and knowledge during the conference. This was the event of CMS business people.

The program merged the latest in Content Management Systems and was designed to have people from different platforms and get insights on their preferred platform.

It was really exciting for me to attend such event and to top it all I was going there as a speaker. The best thing about the event was that it started on time. If something starts on its scheduled time, then the first impression is positive.

The event commenced at 9:50 am with welcome and introduction of all the guest of honors. Since, everyone from the CMS fraternity including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal was present, the atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm.

Everyone was exchanging their thoughts with each other.

Session Intrigued Audience

The first session was a Jugalbandi between The Product Folks and The End Users. The session was conducted by Savita Soni and Nikhil Karkare. The Jugalbandi highlighted the perspective of a user and that of a developer when it comes to creating a project.

Questions from Nikhil and prompt as well as practical responses from Savita made this Jugalbandi amazing.

The next session was conducted by Sovik Das Gupta on Project Discovery for a Content Website. The session guided the conversation towards a journey of unlearning and shedding biases and discovering what the project really needs.

After that, a session by Siddharth Deshmukh and Vachan Kudmule took place on the topics Power Of Story Telling – CMS is key to reach out to world and Indian Payment gateways – Integration with Various CMS respectively.

The session resumed on time after the lunch. Syed Mailk Mairaj explained about How Google Search Works. On the other hand, Akshay Verma spoke about Publishing Data Stories at a Scale.

I’m glad to know that Akshay and his team is working on data to make some complex information easy such as Annual Budget of this country.

All the session were filled with so much of energy as everyone was sharing their experiences with each other.

My session started at 3:40 pm and I was going to speak on how to Add Emotional Intelligence in CMS And Grow Traffic by 5X. During my speech, I explained on how CMS users can add emotion in their system to boost traffic and conversion.

My speech also highlighted the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) along with CTR (Click Thru Rate) on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Apart from that, I talked about automation in marketing and how to add those automation in CMS.

Please find the keynote as embedded below,

The program ended after a heated yet fruitful discussion of the Battle of CMS (Maramari). Those 30 – 40 minutes were having so much insights about different CMS platforms. 

In this Maramari, we got know about a cool CMS platform focused on developers i.e. MODX

The conference was very different from all the other conferences as all the players from the CMS world came together under one roof.

The conference was first of its kind and I’m hoping that organizing team will come up with the next version of the conference. Looking forward to meet again for the next version of Powered by CMS. I hope you are reading this Amit, SavitaPremanshu and Abhishek.

The people from the business world and the users side were present which made the event successful as the outcome was mixed.

Everyone got their takeaways from this conference and I am glad that I was a part of this intellectual occasion.

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