Every businessman want to grow the business and in the end improve the conversion rate. And if it is a startup, it is a question in front of the entrepreneur of how to create sales funnel. It is one of the core concepts of digital marketing. But you have to keep one thing in mind that people aren’t always buying. So you are following all the best practices to keep up the pace. But before we dive into deep it is important to know sales funnel for beginners. It is also important to know about how to use sales funnel to increase conversion.

What is sales funnel

A sales funnel is simply a tool for visualizing where your prospects are in the process of making a buying decision. A sales funnel is wide at the top because prospects with all level of engagement enter. And eventually the most engaged ones are channeled to the bottom of the funnel to be turned into sales and repeat customers.

Sales Funnel

Therefore, a sales funnel has different stages. And every stage is completely different because every prospect is not the same. So it is not necessary to have only 4 stages in the funnel, you can have multiple stages. This depends on the type of product and the niche that you have been targeting.

this is nothing but a real-world funnel in which you pour something and it gets filtered down with the core substance in it.

The steps explained

The funnel works from top to bottom. So, considering the first stage of awareness, here basically, the brand is trying to inform people about the product. The company is making the people aware about their presence and their brand. So when the first stage is cleared as people now are knowing who you are, the funnel gets a little narrow. This is when few users get cut down as according to them, they don’t need that particular product or service.

The next stage is of interest. Those who are still associated with the product are interested in it. So those become the active prospects. They try to search about the product on Google. So that is when being a company you get a chance to showcase the engaging content to the interested audience. In this way, the interested user, starts following the brand on social media and tries to gather information.

Now that the user is showing interest and has all the information about the product, he or she is ready to make a decision. At this point, the user is tying to make the decision to buy the product. Now the user is focusing more on the offerings and other benefits that he or she is going to get. As the company also knows that the user is going to get converted, they start instigating him or her with calls, webinars etc.

When we say action, the user is getting converted into customer. This is how the funnel gets completed.

How to create sales funnel

Every business needs a plan and every business need a sales funnel to reach to their apt audience. So creating your own sales funnel according to the requirement will help a lot in understand your business strategy. Now that you have created your digital marketing campaign, you have to plan your sales funnel as well. So here is a simple guide of how you can create your own sales funnel to drive the predicted results.

1. Create a landing page

The landing page is very important to generate good amount of leads. So always take your own sweet time to create the landing page as you have to include all the necessary details in it in order to convert the user into customer. An attractive and informative landing page will urge the users to sign up for that particular action.

landing page

This will also drive traffic to the page. In this way, you get the necessary contact information to proceed with the communication with the users. Send your traffic to a landing page, and you’ll see a higher conversion rate.

As a marketer, it is important to create the landing pages that should be easy for the potential customer to find them.

Click Funnels, a tool that is built by, and for Internet Marketers and Business Owners. Click Funnels is a platform that provides you with many different features, all related to generating leads and increasing sales conversion for your business or product.


2. Blogging

Engaging the audience with interesting content is very necessary. This gives a scope for blogging. Writing blogs on various topics that includes your product and other eye catching information as well, will work the most. The audience likes to read those things which are trending in the market. Talking about your product all the time, will simply make the user disinterested.

Sharing the content with proper keywords that brings awareness among the user can attract lot of potential customers organically. Always remember, a good content can do wonders. So focus on that as well.

3. Publishing on social media

It is vital to publish whatever content you have should get published on social media. For that, you need to have a pretty good online presence. Publishing various updates on Facebook, Instagram will drive the audience towards your page. It is important to have an online presence, because people like to see what the brand actually offers. So building a fair presence on social media will boost a step towards creating the sales funnel.

publishing on social media

For instance, if you owe a coffee chain, then you can post about what events you are having at the venue. Apart from that, some facts and trivia can also work a lot. Therefore, make sure that the content gets published on social media and it has more variety.

4. Pay per click campaigns

This allows the businessman to share the advertisement on someone else’s page. The good thing with pay per click campaigns is that, you are liable to pay only when someone clicks on the advertisement.

The payment can also be done with the number of impressions that ad is getting. The important goal for pay per click campaign is to drive the traffic towards the landing page. In this way the contact details of the prospective customer can be gathered.

5. Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets usually offer a piece of digital, downloadable content, such as a free PDF checklist, report, eBook, whitepaper, and videos. Therefore, in this way the company can track the interested users and convert them into leads.

Anything that can educate your prospects on how they can solve their problems and achieve their goals.

And during that time, you can start building the demand for your product.

Within the lead magnets itself, you can place call-to-actions to check out your products/services, call your sales department, etc.

6. Webinars

Webinars are more focused to influence the customer in decision making process. People sign up for webinars because they are ultimately interested. So you have to make the most of this opportunity. Try and convince them in your webinar that how your product can help them solve their problems.
And always make sure to keep a call-to-action button at the end of the webinar to instigate the action of the customer. This process really works a lot most of the time.

7. Upsells and cross-sells

Encouraging customers to purchase more expensive items when they click on one to purchase. This can be done during the checkout process or when a customer is viewing a product.

Upsell product is described as the subsequent product in the sales funnel which the customers will see (after redirection) after the purchase of Front End Product.

A cross-sell is when you recommend your customer to buy a product that complement their existing purchase but is from a different category.


You are offering your customers more substance if they choose to upgrade. Of course, that also means you make more money because an upsell typically involves a larger or more expensive item or service.

8. Offer downsize option

Just like you offered upsell offers to the customers, there is also a way to offer downsize option. If suppose, a user is browsing for makeup concealer, then you can suggest them a bit cheaper cosmetic products that they can opt for.

No, a downsize option doesn’t represent a failure and should not be looked upon as the loss of a sale. Instead, consider this a way to keep a customer unable to buy from you due to budget constraints. Keep in mind that those constraints may change. Be considerate and offer cheaper options for these individuals to keep them as potential customers.


This guide will surely help you in creating your own sales funnel. Sales funnel is an important part of the business and is surely beneficial. All you have to remember is that the largest community of customers goes at the top and the final output comes at the bottom. So make sure that every step is followed consistently as it will help you reach desired business and sales goals.

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