Whenever a new technology comes up, you always want to figure out that how it is going to benefit the business. And once it is clear that it is a good thing to do, you incorporate it in the business.

These days, chatbots are becoming quite popular. And when it comes to the Facebook messenger, it definitely has a good amount of capability to get hot leads.

Facebook says that more than 2 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month on Messenger. The messages sent are both automated and people-initiated. And Facebook that is one of the most popular channels for marketing is gaining popularity every day with its new inclusions.

The Facebook messenger is the perfect tool to give the users a personalized experience of your brand. This automated chatbot is a powerful tool to give the brand a new face of marketing.

Anyways people respond to messenger just like they respond to a normal text message. So if the customer gets a chance to talk directly to a brand, it will be a good experience from both the ends.

Though the brands use emails, text messages, social media channels but this tool combines all of them and works as an independent platform for marketing.

Here are few hacks through which you can get hot leads from Facebook Messenger.

Comments can be converted into personal chat

In order to market the product, you need to have some good features associated with it.  This will create an inquisitiveness among the visitors to ask about the product. Mostly the comments get converted into personal chats in case of educational institutions.

comments converted to message

Now you can see that the visitor has shown interest in one of the Facebook posts. He is asking about the social media marketing course. So here, this lead can be converted into a customer by giving him the contact details in the comment section.

Later, by sending a personal message to him, ask for his contact details and provide more details about the course. In this way, the lead can be converted easily. This is kind of self-walk-in lead. You cant afford to miss it.

Spot leads on Facebook groups

In order to increase the engagement, many brands perform group activities. This also helps in building the relationship and generating leads. If anyone is asking a query that related to your brand, then it is your chance to get in touch with that hot lead through Facebook Messenger.

This kind of action helps in creating an authenticity of the brand and builds the trust among the users.

AI-based Facebook Messenger Bots

google trends chatbots

As it is clearly seen in the above graph that the chatbots are hugely in demand these days. The advancements n the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning technologies is the proof that the digital world is growing rapidly.

There are more than 100,000 bots available on Messenger today. Few of the bots are:


The bot is available for bill payments, cab and movie bookings to name a few. The bot is AI-powered to help you get things done super-quick on chat. Niki understands complex queries, using which you can apply multiple filters.


The bot answers all health queries from the physicians available all around the globe.  More than 100,000 physicians from varied specialties regularly review and post answers to the questions asked on HealthTap.

ANN Daily News

This Facebook Messenger bot helps in providing all the whereabouts of the world. The bot also provides country-specific news if pinged. Also, the news can be found by choosing different categories as well.

So in short, through these Facebook Messenger bots, it is easy and convenient to connect with the customers worldwide.

Live chat option on the website

Live chat on website

Including the option of live Facebook chat on the website can reap great benefits. If the visitor is having any query regarding some point then he or she can immediately switch to the chat option readily available on the website.

So the visitor doesn’t have to search for any contact details to ask the query. The chat option is right in front to get started.

Facebook Messenger ad campaign

This can be really effective in collecting leads. The Ads Manager has added the option of messages as an objective. Objectives in Ads Manager allow advertisers to target ads based on things like engagement, traffic, etc.

And with this inclusion, the advertisers can select “messages” as their objective in order to get directly in touch with the target audience. the ads with the message as an objective can be run on Facebook, Instagram or on Facebook Messenger.

facebook messenger ad

In the above screenshot, you can clearly see that the option of messages as an objective of the campaign has been selected by the advertiser. In this way, the whole ad campaign can be created on the basis of that objective.

Sponsored messages

sponsored messagesIf you are opening some feed on your Facebook page then sometimes you get a message from that particular portal. So these kinds of messages are called sponsored one.

Because once they know that you have opened their page, they instantly try to connect with you in such ways.

This also gives the user a personalized experience.

Also playing tactics build a good relationship with the brand. Sending sponsored messages.

Sponsored messages are for advertisers who have already connected with their customers on Messenger, either through a bot for Messenger or live chat support.

This new ad format is a way to re-engage the people who matter to your business in a conversational way. But in this case, the brand has to actively responsive in order to chat with the customer at any time.


So here are the few tricks through which you can generate the fair amount of hot leads through Facebook Messages. This will surely help in bolstering the business and increase in sales of the promoted product.

Though every process is a trial and error, always try to be specific and focused on your goals of the campaign.

If used properly, the results will be outstanding.

Facebook says that 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. And 56% of people would rather message than call customer service. So plan a Facebook Message Ad Campaign today and get going!

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