Marketing funnels are favorite platforms for marketers to sell a product. Whether it is an eBook or a software, [dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]marketers love to create the funnel and sell products[/dt_highlight].

Most common and my personal sales funnel platform is ClickFunnels. It allows to create a sales funnel, opt-in funnel and webinar funnel in less than 10 minutes. With these funnels, one can increase the email subscriber count, sell products or even sell up-sell products too.

If the funnel term is new to you, it is a step by step pages created to appear after one another to complete a defined set of actions.

For example, if you like to sell an affiliate product, you can create a funnel like the one mentioned below,

  • First page as opt-in page. Ask visitor to enter email address and name to proceed. Offer a video or an image with a headline on the opt-in page.
  • Offer Page – This page will have details about the affiliate product including another video and more details. It is like sales letter. On this page, you can provide a button to go to the final product’s page using your affiliate link

Similarly, you can create sales funnel for your newly released eBook. The funnel will be as,

  • First Page – Opt-in with email address and name
  • Sales Page – Provide details about the eBook and embed a sales form asking visitor to buy the book using Credit Card or PayPal
  • Upsell page – Ask visitor to purchase other books or software along with the book
  • Thank You page – Say thanks to your new buyer and ask them to visit your website or other funnel to buy more products

ClickFunnels is an alternative to a website. For a website, you need a hosting server (I recommend Siteground) and knowledge of creating a website. If you hire a developer to create a WordPress site, the cost will be high and even maintaining such website needs expertise. With ClickFunnels, creating such pages and tracking the visitors become so easy.

Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway

On the sales page where visitor was buying the book, if you like to offer credit card option, you need to integrate Stripe account.

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”left” font_size=”big” animation=”none” size=”1″]Stripe is a payment gateway to accept credit card payments. It is available for users from almost all developed countries. If Stripe is not yet available in your country, you can still get it using Stripe Atlas program.[/dt_quote]

[dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”big” animation=”none” background=”plain”]Before starting the integration, I assume that you are having an active Stripe account as well as ClickFunnels account.[/dt_quote]

To integrate Stripe with ClickFunnels, you need to follow the following steps.

Step #1  Login to ClickFunnels dashboard and click on Account => Payment Gateways option on to-right corner.

Step #2 Under Stripe Tab, click on “Connect with Stripe” button

Step #3 It will take you to the Stripe login page for authentication. Authorize ClickFunnels to integrate with Stripe account. Select the Stripe account to integrate.

After authorization it will take you back to ClickFunnels page. A successful integration message will appear in bottom-right corner.

Take Credit Card Payment on ClickFunnels Order Page with Stripe

After integration, it is time to create order form in ClickFunnels and take payment through Stripe.

To create a sales funnel, choose your goal as “Sell Your Product” and type as “Sales Funnel“. After building the sales funnel, you need to setup an order page and integrate Stripe for the payments.

Go to the “Order Page” inside the funnel and select a template.

Once you select a template, you can see a tab as “Products“. Click on that tab and click on “Add Product” button.


It will ask for the name of the product, billing integration, price, currency etc. Once you select Stripe as the billing integration option, it will show you to choose between one time payment or recurring.

You can also add products which are bump on the order page i.e. buying additional products in the same order.

Now sale the order form and you are done. The Stripe payment gateway setup is done to accept payment using credit card.

Complete the other funnel pages like squeeze page and thank you page and publish the funnel.

Testing Stripe Payment Integration

Well, before publishing the page and sharing with visitors, I will strongly recommend to test the complete funnel including the sales order page.

To test the Stripe payment gateway (Sandbox Testing), go to the Settings panel of the funnel. Scroll down to the Stripe integration option where you can see “Test Mode” button. Turn on the test mode option to test Stripe integration.

ClickFunnels will show you a test dummy credit card number to enter. CVV field will have any 3 digit and Expiry Date will have any future date.

By entering these values, you can test if the order is processing. To see the successful payment, login to Stripe account and check theTest Data” filed and see if the payment is appearing over there.

If everything is working fine, publish the page and start accepting credit card payment on ClickFunnels Sales Page with Stripe.

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