Is it real or scam? Do people make money online even if they are not living in developed countries like US, UK? These are some common questions that people ask while discussing the Dot Com Lifestyle or Online businesses. In country like India where Internet penetration is still not at par with the developed countries, you may face this question a lot. Making money online is real and the truth is anyone can make money online as the eligibility is full determination, zeal to learn and have patience.

I am making money online since 2008 and living a good quality life with my wife and two pets. I have already shared the story of my first $50,000 from blogging and now I can say it feels great earning online and live a dot com lifestyle. Internet businesses are of two types – Products and Services. But even without making any product or providing any services, you can make money online. This is called Affiliate Marketing where you help a company in selling their products.

With affiliate marketing, you make money while you sleep

Affiliate Marketing is a type of Internet Marketing where your job is to sell the copies of the products developed and managed by others and for every sale, you will receive a reward.

What are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

  • Well, you don’t make any product so no development cost
  • You are not responsible for after sale support
  • Not restricted to sell product from one company, no agreement

Some product companies offer as good as 50% of the product’s price as affiliate reward. For example, if their product is priced at $497 and you sold it to a customer, you will get $248.50 as affiliate reward.

Make Money Online from Anywhere

Shakul Gupta lives in Gurugram, India (near New Delhi) and he earns more than $50,000 per month from Internet marketing. He is a MOBE Consultant  (MOBE = My Own Business Education) and help in selling their products. According to the recent top earners list released by MOBE on, Shakul Gupta is on 8’th position with earning of $57,900 in April 2017.

I would like to remind you that Shakul Gupta is the same person who offered iPhone 7, Ride in Audi and Dinner at The Oberoi to 5 out of 2000 girls on Valentine’s Day. He did gift iPhone 7 and fulfilled all those promises including a whopping bill of Rs. 32,000 (~$500) for dinner at The Oberoi Hotel. Now you can understand that it’s not much when you earn $50K+ every month.

You may think that probably April was a lucky month for Shakul but here are some other income sources in other months.

Shakul also won multiple competitions at MOBE where he got free air ticket Costa Rica and stay for 3 days in a 5-Star Resort. These are the benefits of being a super active MOBE consultant. Here is the list of recent wins by Shakul at MOBE

  • MOBE’s Silver Masterclass Contest (February 2017) – 5 Days Free Accommodation and Air-ticket to Costa Rica Resort
  • MOBE’s WiFi Millionaire Contest (March 2017) – 7 Days Free Accommodation and Air-ticket to Costa Rica Resort

If Shakul is making this much from MOBE, I am sure he must be using other similar portals and making extra income too.

 Is it easy to earn that much?

Well, it’s possible but definitely not easy. It takes experience in online marketing as well as building good amount of expertise on targeted conversions etc. You need to have good amount of targeted traffic on a particular page or website to become a good Internet marketer. Don’t worry if you still not having any such website or don’t know how to build a good conversion site as I will recommend to check this Ultimate 21 Steps Guide. This well explained guide has helped many MOBE consultants in making $1,050, $1,800 and $3,000 from single referrals. With simple strategy and minimum time, you can start with $200 – $500 a day after completing this amazing book.

MOBE is just one way to make money online like lot many other ways. I will keep sharing about other effective and real ways to make real money using Internet. Stay tuned and keep reading this space.

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