Recently, an IT company in India fired it’s employee over phone citing cost optimization as a reason. The victim recorded the conversation between him and the HR of the company and leaked it online.

The leaked audio shows the heartless communication from the HR to convey the message. She asks him put in his papers within 24 hours and leave the company else he will be fired.

The complete situation sounds business as usual in a private company unless it is happening with you. After verifying the call details and confirming with the HR, it was found that the communication was happening with an employee of a big IT company in India. It is a company serving Fortune 500 clients and earning a revenue of 4.4 billion USD in 2017.

So if such situation is happening in such a large corporation, it must be happening with smaller ones too.

Check the leaked audio of complete conversation [6:45 minutes]

As per some reports, the leaked audio is from Tech Mahindra (an Indian IT Company) and law is taking its course of action for such an illegal layoff.

Pain of a Sudden Exit

After leaving the company in next 24 hours, this employee will have no job till he finds another one. If a large company is citing cost optimization as a reason to sack people, chances are that the market situation is not good. It means other companies are also sacking people citing similar reasons and there are not enough jobs to find easily.

In such a case, the sacked employee will have to remain at home for few weeks or even months.

Bills and EMIs don’t Stop

Whether you are employed or non-working, whether you get your salary or not, the utility bills and EMI (if taken any loan) will not stop. You will keep receiving the bills and you have to pay those on time to avoid late charges.

I wish that such a situation never comes in anyone’s life but then I remind myself a dialogue from one of my all-time favorite movie named “Forest Gump

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get.

Start Own Online Business and Add Another Stream of Income

This is one of the best reason to start your own online business along with the current employment. By investing 2 – 3 hours a day, you can create another income source and live a peaceful and free life.

God forbid, if a situation like the one happening in this audio clip comes in your life, that will still have an impact but not so hard. And if you start doing good in your online business, you can give more time or even quit your current job before facing such situation.

I started by online business in 2008 when I was still working in a Fortune 500 company. Within 4 months, the business started doing well and I left the job to give 100% time on business. Since then I have earned $600,000 from different businesses and planning to reach $1 Million by end of this year.

I always think that it took me 3 – 4 extra years to reach this figure and the reason is very simple, I was not having any contacts or friends or family members in this business. Almost everything I learnt by myself and that’s where I made many many mistakes in between. If I would have got a friend or guru at that time who could have explained me the action plan, I could have reached this 1 Million USD figure by 2012 – 13.

Well, learning is always good and I have learnt a lot in this process. Even today, I learn one new thing everyday. It helps in getting better with time. Well, I believe that the best investment is what you do in yourself.

After seeing such a situation of IT companies sacking people on phone, I thought to ask my reader to be ready as it can happen to anybody anytime. Start your own online business and create another income stream to avoid such a painful situation. Feel free to talk to me as I am always available to help you out and setup your business with a strong foundation.

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